What is Muntok White Pepper ?

The most well known White Pepper from Indonesia in the International Market is Muntok White Pepper. Our export quality White Muntok Peppercorns are hand-selected in the Muntok region of Western Bangka Island, Indonesia. These white peppercorns tend to have a strong distinctive aroma with hot and creamy flavor.


Why Muntok White Pepper

As a trusted Supplier and Exporter of Indonesia White Pepper, we can guarantee you that Muntok White Pepper have the best quality than White Pepper from other origin and this statement of course come not only from us but also from the International Market.
This Indonesia White Pepper is grown mainly in the island of Bangka, a small island in the west of Indonesia. The peppercorns are hand-picked, then dried in the sun by the local farmers.

Our Services

As a White Pepper Supplier , Our company has several services as follows:

South Bangka White Pepper Price
Competitive White Pepper Price
Indonesia Black Pepper Supplier
Deliver stable supply of Muntok White Pepper, in both quantity and quality
South Asia Spices Exporter
Deliver every order we got in time
Bangka Island White Pepper Supplier
Comply with food safety requirements and product quality requirements
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  • Credible Indonesia Spices Supplier
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