Getting to Know Muntok White Pepper Supplier from Indonesia

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February 21, 2018
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March 21, 2018

Muntok White Pepper Suppliers are widely available in Indonesia due to the fact that this country is listed under the top countries in the world which provide high quality white pepper—and also black pepper or pepper in general. Once Indonesia farmers and Indonesia Government realize that white pepper has better price than black pepper in the International Market, the production and rejuvenation of pepper plant in Indonesia has good progress for a few years.

According to the official statistics released by International Pepper Community (IPC), the amount of Muntok white pepper export increased by about 4% in 2016, and potentially rises again in the future years.

White Pepper Supplier : What is Muntok White Pepper?

Before you release an order confirmation to certain Muntok White Pepper Wholesaler , the important knowledge you must to have is getting to know what Muntok white pepper is and the differences from other types of pepper cultivated in Indonesia. The name ‘ Muntok white pepper ’ is actually derived from the name of the port where white pepper was exported area which is located in a hilly town called Muntok in West Bangka Regency, the Indonesian province of Bangka Belitung.

Eventhough all Indonesia provinces produce white pepper as their specialty, Muntok is more popular than others. It has been proven by International Pepper Community in the International Market that Muntok white pepper has specialties : stronger aroma and produce tastier flavor when it is used in the food composition.

White Pepper Supplier : The Difference between Black Pepper and Muntok White Pepper?

In general, Muntok White Pepper Supplier provides white pepper from the same kind of fruit in which the black pepper is also produced. There are two primary things that make both types of pepper different: the process of pepper production, and the area where the peppercorns are cultivated. Peppercorn itself is a tiny dried fruit in seed-like shape. The usual black paper is produced by harvesting the peppercorn fruits that are in nearly Ripe condition. The perfect condition of black peppercorns to be harvested is when they are in dark green color and already have a solid content. The peppercorns are later crushed and separated from the spikes by using the traditional method before they are dried under the sun.

In the meantime, white pepper needs to be processed through several steps before it is made. To begin the white pepper production, the peppercorns should be harvested when they have been ripe in the tree, in a fully mature condition when the peppercorns’ color has turned yellow or red. The ripe peppercorns are then soaked under slow and running water for a week or more.

Once the soaking process is completed, the peppercorns are washed and separated from the spikes before they are dried in the sun. In Indonesia, black pepper is mostly cultivated and processed in Lampung, a region located in Southern Sumatera, while white pepper is produced largely in Bangka and many of Indonesia White Pepper Exporters came from Bangka too .

How to Choose the Right  White Pepper Supplier

There are many things to consider when you want to choose the Competent White Pepper Supplier in Indonesia. Price certainly becomes one of the considerations. Choose the White Pepper Suppliers or Exporters that offer competitive price in the international market, and make sure they are already experienced in doing the White Pepper Wholesale export system.

Furthermore, it is important to note that the White Pepper Supplier you choose should have complied with a number of primary requirements, including safety and quality requirements of the products. In addition, the White Pepper Exporter should value punctuality when it comes to product delivery. All of the things mentioned above are the services offered by CV. Perdana Surya Niaga, a company located in Central Jakarta, Indonesia, that provide only the high quality and competitive price Muntok White Pepper. Visit our website: and the company link as follows : .