History of Indonesia White Pepper

Indonesia White Pepper had been famous in the World since ancient times

Pepper (Piper Nigrum L) is one of the oldest and the most important spice therefore it is called as

"King Of Spices"

Had been mentioned by a Plant Biologist from Greek Theophrastus (372 – 287 BC) that there are two kind of spices that had been used by The Egyptian and The Roman: Long Pepper (Pepper Longum) or Chilli and Black Pepper. In the medieval era, pepper is a King Of Trade, even to Kingdom Of Genoa and Venezia, Pepper is a source of wealth, other than that pepper is also used as a exchange rate, dowry, and as a tool to pay tax and in payroll.

Indonesia White Pepper popularity and the growth rate of Pepper Trade in Indonesia are so fast after Columbus, in 1492, discovered Western India, in the Eastern Islands which has lots of spices, and then Vasco Da Gama discovered a new route by passing through the African Continent in the 1498.

Indonesia White Pepper and Black Pepper are the pepper that have been traded in the International Market. Both of these peppers are coming from the same fruit, which distinguished the two is the difference in the processing process. White Pepper ripe in the tree and then dried while black pepper is harvested before its ripened when the fruits still green and then its just dried.

White Pepper from Indonesia was first exported through Muntok Port in the Region of Muntok, Western Bangka Island. Hence White Pepper in the International Market is known as Muntok White Pepper. The Indonesia White Pepper Exporter is eventually become well known around the world like Persian, Arabia, Middle East and Egypt to Europe. In the 1290 there has been a Pepper Trade between The Javanese and The Chinese.