This is What You Need to Know about Indonesia White Pepper Suppliers

Getting to Know Muntok White Pepper Supplier from Indonesia
March 19, 2018
The Growth of Indonesia White Pepper Wholesaler
The Development of Indonesia White Pepper Wholesale
March 27, 2018

Indonesia White Pepper Supplier . The number of members from White Pepper Supplier from Indonesia had increased because white pepper has become more important in recent years even though Indonesia has two major types of pepper, they across the country as well as around the international market. Pepper itself has been cultivated in Indonesia for centuries, even before the country is colonized by European explorers and leaders who intended to build a new world order.

As a matter of fact, pepper, and other kinds of exotic spices for that matter, played a specific role in attracting colonist to rule Indonesia and made a technically unfair deal with local pepper farmers in the past. Nevertheless, such historical path also has a great impact in introducing pepper commodity from Indonesia to the global market.

Two Major Pepper types sold by Indonesia White Pepper Supplier

In addition to White Pepper Supplier from Indonesia, there are some other local pepper exporters that provide black pepper as their main commodity. Pepper is generally described as powdery spice produced by crushing the peppercorn, that is, a tiny and seed-like tropical fruits where the pepper comes from. Indonesia has two major types of pepper, the farmers has grown black pepper and white pepper, even though the fact that there is only one type of pepper crop cultivated in the plantation.

The difference between black and white peppers actually related on the production process of both peppers. Black Pepper is produced by crushing and drying a young peppercorn. However, mature peppercorns are chosen to produce white pepper. A relatively longer and more difficult procedure of white pepper production increases its value in the global market.

Indonesia White Pepper Supplier Plantation Area 

Most Indonesia White Pepper Wholesaler stock the commodity from local plantation areas in the country and they store pepper in the warehouse with proper temperature and humidity. White pepper and black pepper are cultivated in different area in Indonesia. An usual type of black pepper plantation is located in the Indonesian province of Lampung, Sumatera Island. There are also some other areas in Indonesia which cultivate peppercorns, such as some parts in Sulawesi and Java Island, as well as some areas in Bengkulu and Sumatera.

Compare to other areas which cultivate and produce white pepper, Bangka Belitung, particularly the South Region , is considered the best pepper plantation that produces high quality white pepper. White pepper produced in South Bangka is broadly admitted by global spice market to have stronger taste and creamier texture, known as Muntok White Pepper.

Indonesia White Pepper Supplier Production Process

Indonesia Pepper Supplier provide white pepper which has been produced in a little bit different process than black pepper production. Unlike black pepper which is harvested before the fruits are ripe, peppercorns for white pepper production are picked and collected by the farmers in a mature condition. It takes about 8-9 months for the peppercorns to ripe perfectly in the tree and ready to be harvested.

After the harvest is completed, the next stage of white pepper production is processed using traditional method at farm level. Although the process is done in a relatively small industry, the tools used in it already support the product sterilization. The peppercorns are packed in plastic bags and soaked in slow running water for more than a week before they are washed and dried.

Indonesia White Pepper Supplier – support The White Pepper Trading System

The goal of  White Pepper Supplier from Indonesia Country is not only providing a high standard white pepper for domestic use but also sending the commodities abroad for export. Indonesia has gained a good reputation as a country which distributes white pepper in a premium quality. While competing with Vietnam, Indonesia White Pepper Exporters are more focused in exporting the white pepper than selling the commodity internally.

Indonesia expand its distribution by joining the International Pepper Community (IPC) to be able to sell the white pepper in global spice market. One of the most recommended Indonesia White Pepper Supplier is CV Perdana Surya Niaga, a company in Central Jakarta which provides only the best white pepper produced in Bangka Pepper plantation. The company can be reached at +62-21-62309643 for further inquiries.