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February 13, 2018
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March 19, 2018

Indonesia White Pepper Exporter plays an important role in the development of pepper commodity trade around global spice market. In general, Pepper (Piper nigrum L.) is one of the primary spices which are broadly used around the world. It is classified into several types and species, but two most common types of pepper sold in the international market are black pepper and white pepper.

Being identified by special taste and aroma, pepper has become an important part in almost all types of dishes and Cuisines , especially those which are cultivated and produced in the Asia continent. Regarding this, Indonesia contributes greatly in exporting and distributing pepper to the international market. White Pepper is more preferable to be sold abroad because of its quality and value which are higher than black pepper,.

Indonesia White Pepper Exporter History in Indonesia

The popularity of  White Pepper Exporter from Indonesia widely across the globe has not only risen up in recent decades but also for hundred of years because Indonesia has been known as a country which provides pepper at its best quality and good supply performance. Indonesia White Pepper is commonly cultivated in the plantation located in the Muntok region, Bangka Belitung. For that reason, the type of White Pepper from Indonesia is also popular by the name Muntok White Pepper.

Starting in the colonialism era, pepper—both black and white—became the most valuable commodity since it gave the Dutch colonial a great amount of income gained from 80% of pepper trading in the world. After the Indonesian Declaration of Independence, pepper continues to become the country’s high-value commodity which contributes to the increase of foreign exchange from the exporting activity.

The Golden Era of Indonesia White Pepper Exporter

Indonesia Pepper Exporter achieved the highest rank as the number one Pepper Exporter country in the world in 2005, defeated other Asia countries. This achievement brings Indonesia to the golden era of white pepper exporting in 2007-2012. The increased activity of Pepper Exporters also generates a massive profit that reaches the amount of US$ 76,986,000-175,322,000 (according to the data released by Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Trade in 2014).

The Challenges Faced by Indonesia White Pepper Exporter

Indonesia Muntok White Pepper Exporter meets a challenging problem because of in head to head competition with Vietnam, this Asia country has started to develop its pepper commodity in the international market since about a decade ago. It is worsened by several other factors which are responsible for the decrease of pepper production. Those factors include climatic changes, pest, and viruses, as well as foot rot diseases.

In addition, the cultivation area is the main factor of pepper production decline. This area gradually decreases causes another challenge in white pepper production. Current area of Indonesia Pepper Plantation, as reported by International Pepper Community (IPC), is estimated around 120,000 hectares, whereas in 1990s period, the area reached about 150,100 hectares in different parts and regions in Indonesia. These challenges, of course, make the export gradually decreases throughout the years.

Today’s Condition of Indonesia White Pepper Exporter

In a technical matter, there is no big difference between Indonesia White and Black Pepper Exporter in the present time compared to several decades ago when the export of White Pepper from Indonesia started to arise. The production of Indonesia White Pepper nowadays is mostly done in the Muntok region, with the aim of maintaining the best quality of white pepper for export.

To get back the power of Indonesia white pepper export back in international spice market, several efforts are performed to overcome the challenges faced by the supplier, farmer,  wholesaler , and exporter. Indonesia Government has very important role to perform the solution action. In the meantime, the services and qualities of the commodity are also improved by White Pepper Suppliers.

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