The Prominence of Indonesia White Pepper in Spices World

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August 18, 2018
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August 21, 2018
Best Quality Indonesia White Pepper

Indonesia White Pepper is knowing great reputation in the world of spices. White pepper itself is very important spice. It is famous especially in European and Asian cuisines for giving mild hotness and earthy taste, without pungent. Some cooks also prefer white pepper for the artistically color. In history, white pepper is written as the first spice. It had been traded all round the world that opened trade route between West and East continent. Even white pepper was considered very valuable commodities back then. Indonesia is one of very important white pepper producers that has  a remarkable cultivation in Bangka island and known as White Pepper Exporter in the world that hold the status for centuries.

The Best Product of Indonesia White Pepper is Bangka White Pepper 

Bangka White Pepper is the type mostly dominated of Indonesia Natural White Pepper that has been exported to international market. The variant was firstly cultivated in south region Bangka Island. At the moment, muntok white pepper is produced all over the island. Almost all white pepper production in the island is sold overseas since this pepper variant is especially produced for export. This Pepper is not sold domestically since domestic demand is provided by local farmers from other islands such as Kalimantan, Sulawesi, and Java. With white pepper export in Indonesia is dominated by muntok white pepper, production of this pepper variant will greatly affect national white pepper export value.

White Pepper From Indonesia – Muntok White Pepper

White Pepper from Indonesia known as Muntok White Pepper is the best  export commodity and well known in global spices world due to their quality. This is also what Indonesia Pepper Supplier proud off. The soil in Bangka Island is fertile and very suitable for the growth of piper ningrum, the plant of peppercorn and beside that condition, the weather is very supporting. Then, the farmers maintain their old tradition to keep their white pepper production in high quality. Although improvement with higher technology is used to increase their production number, some of old tradition is preserved so the quality will not reduced. People all over the world could expect incredible taste and aroma of muntok white pepper.

 White Pepper and Black Pepper originated From Indonesia

Two major type of Indonesia Pepper commonly : White one and Black one. Therefore, if you need white pepper, you should look for Indonesia White Pepper Provider . Although white pepper and black pepper come from the same plant, the harvest time and processes after harvesting are different. In Indonesia itself, both of them are produced at different locations. While white pepper is produced in Bangka Belitung Province, black pepper is produced in Lampung so that it known as Lampung Black Pepper . Thus, you should not slip-up between two. If it muntok, it would be white pepper. It would be the seed of the fully ripe reddish berry so it gets the best taste and aroma.

High Quality Indonesia White Pepper for International World

Where White Pepper produced, how it produced, and how it distributed will affect white pepper quality. Indonesia White Pepper promise high quality pepper for international world, which is produced in Bangka, with traditional method, and distributed professionally. The spices world already understands that quality. When you demand for high quality white pepper from Indonesia, you can choose CV Perdana Surya Niaga. Supplying only high quality muntok white pepper, you will get the world famous white pepper that has hundred years of history. Our company could be reached at the number +62 21 62309643 and our office is located in Central Jakarta.