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Things that Make White Pepper from Indonesia Remain First-Class
August 13, 2018
Best Quality Indonesia White Pepper from Bangka Island
The Prominence of Indonesia White Pepper in Spices World
August 18, 2018

Buyer may contact at Indonesia Pepper Supplier, when they need large supply of high quality white pepper. White Pepper from Indonesia is well known globally for the quality, especially muntok white pepper variant because the taste is hot, creamy, and earthy. It is not the hottest white pepper in the world, but the hotness is just right. It gives the warm you need for your soups, stir-fries, stews, and other dishes. Muntok white pepper quality is very good because of the supporting soil and weather condition.  The Soil in Muntok (the place where the berry is planted) is fertile and the local farmers keep tradition to maintain the quality of their white pepper.

Indonesia Pepper Suppliers : Their History

Muntok White Pepper has been long time to be introduced  internationally. Actually, Indonesia Pepper Supplier Companies has  traded muntok white pepper internationally from around 19th century. That time, Muntok harbor in Bangka island, western Indonesia was crowded by traders from Asia, Europe and even America who looking for the high quality white pepper. In the old time, Muntok got their glory since white pepper is considered as precious commodities. Even thought this small village economy is mostly comes from tin mining, but white pepper help the name of the village go famous internationally. Such popularity is sustained until now.

Because of the role of Indonesia Pepper Exporter, muntok white pepper is dominating the white pepper export. Muntok white pepper production and trading takes the highest position and more than half of country’s total white pepper productions and exports come from Bangka Island. Muntok white pepper was reached their highest export value in 2000 with 34.256 tons. Unfortunately, the numbers was declining due to various problems, including bad weather, pests, diseases, and decreasing of farming fields. In 2013, the local government tried to bring back their white pepper glory and started intensification in pepper cultivation. The efforts brought positive results with productions were increasing in recent years.

Indonesia Pepper Supplier versus Vietnam Pepper Supplier

Globally, Indonesia Spices Supplier ‘ s role is also stand on the top list. In recent year, Indonesia white pepper export value is on the second position after Vietnam. Indeed, Vietnam has been dominating international white pepper market lately due to their massive growth of production. Despite Indonesia is not on the first place anymore, White Pepper from Indonesia, especially muntok pepper variant still maintain its great reputation. Quality of muntok pepper is excellent. As a result, statistic showed continuous high demand for muntok white pepper in the global world. Surprisingly,  Vietnam is on the top list of Indonesia highest white pepper export destinations along with United State of America.

Indonesia White Pepper Supplier is not only maintaining white pepper quality but also making the price competitive that worth the quality of white pepper. It is very important since white pepper market is kept on growing and competition among suppliers become stronger. Such high quality products and competitive price is offered by CV Perdana Surya Niaga, as one of trustworthy Indonesian White Pepper Suppliers. With office in Central Jakarta, our company provides high quality muntok white pepper with steady supply. If you need more information about muntok white pepper and wholesale, call the company at the number +62 21 62309643 within office hours or visit the website :  .