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December 15, 2017
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From the products of Pepper Supplier in the world, one name comes out for the best one. The name is muntok white pepper. The characteristics of muntok pepper are small with the hot flavor, creamy , and earthy taste . This white pepper is preferable by many people in the world, especially in Europe, USA, and Asia due to its quality. The other reason to choose this white pepper is high production that considered constant and stable. Therefore, it is easy to get it and it helps you to keep the taste of your food constantly. Do you know that this quality white pepper comes from small island?

Muntok white pepper that provided by several Pepper Suppliers comes from Bangka, a small island in west Indonesia Archipelago , near to South Sumatera. Muntok  is the name of the city and this city is  the capital of West Bangka Regency of Bangka Belitung Province. For centuries, Muntok is popular for their commodities trade. Ever since the colonialism era, Muntok harbor is crowded with traders, especially Asian and European traders. Two important commodities in the city are tin and white pepper. With the great history of white pepper trading, Muntok has been successfully maintaining their white pepper quality. This is why the name muntok white pepper is very well known in white pepper commodity businesses.

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Before available in today’s White Pepper and Black Pepper Supplier , the history of muntok white pepper started long way back in 16th century, when it was planted for the first time in Bangka Island. In 19th century, the production of white pepper was increased greatly, when Chinese labors turned their job from tin mining to plant the tropical berry. From then, white pepper became very important commodity of the city, even for the country. For so many years, muntok white pepper was dominating the pepper commodity market. Unfortunately, the production was fall significantly in early 2000s due to excessive decrease of field. In 2013, local government in Bangka tried to get the glory back. The  pepper production has increased every year has proved that their efforts gave excellent result.

Amid Pepper Supplier , muntok white pepper is the popular one in high demand. Due to the wonderful taste and not pungent, muntok white pepper is versatile for various dishes, from Asian cuisines to European cuisines, as well as fusion cuisines. It tastes great for stir-fries and best for soups. Anywhere you find white pepper in the recipe; it would give you nice result if you use muntok white pepper. Professional chefs love it and for sure, homemakers like it so much. That is why this white pepper is in huge demand internationally and globaly. This pepper is easy to find in many groceries stores for retail due to its popularity.

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However, if you need muntok white pepper in big supply, you need to find Pepper Exporter from Indonesia. If you get the product direct from the country that produce it, it will give you competitive price, excellent supply assurance, steady supply, freshness quality, and professional service. It would be better and more beneficial than international supplier out of the country would. A muntok white pepper supplier from Indonesia that you can trust is CV Perdana Surya Niaga. With an office in Central Jakarta-Indonesia, it would be easier to find, to communicate, and to do transaction with the company. Then, you can gain benefits from World Famous Whole White Pepper Supplier from Muntok , Bangka Belitung.

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